Marketing Tech Accessories in 2017

Why Not Marketing Charging Cables?

At times, some of the most profitable businesses opportunities are hidden in plain sight. They are staring us in the face, and yet we don’t recognize them! We like to complicate life, so, we often miss out on the obvious, simple things that could catapult us to financial freedom.

A great example of this relates to smart phones. Do you know one of the preliminary criterions for evaluating an awesome business? It’s demand. That is how many people are in need of or want the product or service.

If only a few people are in need of or want what you’re selling, then you have a challenge, unless if what you’re selling it at $2million dollars per unit and you have a high margin. Then, you can still make out like a bandit.

Profitable Cords

Do you know that about 2.87 billion people in the world have smartphones? Imagine if you could be selling chargecords on a regular basis to a super-tiny fraction of that!

And, the reality is that there are many things you can sell to smartphone owners, but in this article, we’d focus on just one: selling cables for smart phones. In 2016, the mobile phone accessory market was valued at $34! Won’t you like a piece of the pie?

Apart from the huge number of people who use smart phones, one of the reasons for its profitability is the additional resources we need to buy in order to use them, and, there are people who have 2 or 3 smart phones. And, they need these resources for all. We all need to charge our phones on a daily basis.

The charge cables we need are an awesome business opportunity. You are selling a necessity, not a luxury. Some experts estimate that the average margin on phone accessories is 50 percent!

And, note that these sales of charge cables are not made only on new phones. At times, people give their used phones to others, and these may be lacking some vital accessories, which the recipient will have to buy.